Ontario Trillium Scholarship – Eligibility & Process

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) is a highly prestigious scholarship program that is awarded to exceptional international Ph.D. students who wish to study in Ontario, Canada.


The scholarship provides CAD 40,000 per year for up to four years and aims to attract exceptional international and domestic students to Ontario for doctoral studies.


The Ontario Trillium Scholarship program aims to attract and retain the best and brightest international Ph.D. students in Ontario and to position Ontario as a global leader in research and innovation.


To be eligible for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, you must:

  1. Be an international student or a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who is not currently studying at an Ontario university.
  2. Have a first-class average (minimum A-/80%) in the last two years of full-time study or equivalent.
  3. Be applying to a doctoral program at a University in Ontario, or be a current student in a doctoral program.
  4. Have not previously received an Ontario Trillium Scholarship.

Application process:

To apply for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, you must:

  1. Apply to a doctoral program at an eligible university in Ontario by the deadline.
  2. Once admitted to the program, you will be invited to submit an OTS application. The application form is available on the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.
  3. Submit a completed application form, including a research proposal, a statement of research interests, a CV, and three letters of reference.

Many universities such as the University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, and York University, automatically nominate eligible high-performing students who have applied for admission.

Application requirement

To apply for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, you need to provide the following documents:

  • A completed application form
  • A Canadian study permit
  • Medical report
  • Documentation of your average calculation
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Your university transcripts
  • Recommendation letter
  • Your research contributions
  • A list of any awards or scholarships you have received
  • Your CV
  • Your plan of studies
  • A letter  from an authorized supervisor

Selection process:

The selection process for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship  involves a two-stage review process:

  1. Initial assessment: The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will review all applications for eligibility and completeness.
  2. Final selection: Applications that meet the eligibility and completeness criteria will be forwarded to a selection committee composed of faculty members and senior administrators.
  3. Review: The committee will review and rank the applications based on academic excellence, research potential, and fit with the university’s strategic research priorities.

What is the deadline for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship?

The deadline for submitting an OTS application is typically in mid-January each year.

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