Giving birth in Canada as an international student

What happens if an international student gets pregnant in Canada

Pregnancy embodies an extraordinary journey filled with immense joy and anticipation. However, for Canadian international students, it can also usher in uncertainty and contemplation about the path ahead. As an international student in Canada navigating pregnancy, it’s common to ponder the available support, resources, your rights, and the potential impact on your academic journey. The … Read more

How to convert student visa to work permit in Canada

converting student visa to work permit in Canada

Are you an international student studying in Canada and dreaming of staying and working in the country after completing your studies? Converting your student visa to a work permit in Canada can be an exciting opportunity to gain valuable work experience, explore career prospects, and embark on a new chapter in your life. Canada is … Read more

How to get fully funded scholarship in Canada

how can I get fully funded scholarship in Canada

If you wish to study in Canada, getting a fully funded scholarship will make your time more financially manageable (especially if you are from a family that is not financially buoyant). It will also enhance your overall academic experience in Canada. Fully funded scholarships not only help you reduce the financial burden of tuition fees … Read more

What happens when you get deported back to your country

what happens when an international student gets deported from Canada

Every day, we witness immigrants getting deported back to their home countries for various reasons, some for illegal entrance to a foreign nation, others due to expired visas, and some as a result of criminal activities. Regardless of the reasons behind their deportation, these individuals often face immense challenges and uncertainties upon their return to … Read more