How do I track my visa application on TLScontact

Waiting for a decision on your visa application can be stressful, especially when you have other travel plans or important commitments that you need to catch up with.


Depending on the type of visa, it can take weeks to months to get a decision, within the waiting period, you won’t get a response from the immigration officers.


You have to wait till a decision is made on your application before you get a response.

Thanks to advancement, you no longer need to wait that long, you can easily track the status of your visa application.

If you just applied for a visa and wish to track the status of your application, here is how you can track your visa application on TLScontact.

What is TLScontact?

TLScontact is a service provider and they specialize in managing visa application processes for various countries.

They act as an intermediary between you as an applicant and the respective embassies or consulates.

They facilitate the visa application procedure by ensuring that all required documents are submitted correctly, they also assist applicants throughout the application journey.

TLScontact ensures that your application is on the right track, while you focus on your upcoming adventure.

TLScontact offers services such as appointment booking, document collection, tracking of your application, biometric data collection, and customer support.

How do I track my visa application on TLScontact?

Here’s a simple and detailed step-by-step guide to help you track your visa application on TLScontact.

Step 1: Get your tracking number

After submitting your visa application, TLScontact will provide you with a unique tracking number.

This number is often referred to as the “GWF number” or “Reference number.” It’s your special code to unlock the door to tracking your application.

This is the number you will use in tracking your visa application on TLScontact.

Step 2: Visit the TLScontact Website

To track your visa application status on TLScontact, open your web browser and head over to the official TLScontact website.

Type in the URL or simply search for “TLScontact” to find the right page.

Step 3: Locate the tracking section

Once you’re on the TLScontact website, look for the section that relates to tracking visa applications.

This might be labeled as “Track Your Application,” “Application Tracking,” or something similar.

Step 4: Enter your tracking number

In the designated field, enter the tracking or reference number that you received from TLScontact when you submitted your application.

This number is unique to your application and acts as a key to access your status updates.

If you have not submitted your application through TLScontact, you cannot track your application on TLScontact.

Step 5: Add your date of birth

Alongside your tracking number, you’ll likely be asked to enter your date of birth. This adds an extra layer of security to ensure that you’re the rightful owner of the application.

Step 6: Hit the “track” button

Once you’ve entered your tracking number and date of birth, click on the “Track” or “Submit” button.

This action will initiate the tracking process and take you to the next page.

Step 7: Explore your application status

Congratulations, you’re in! You’ll now be presented with a page that reveals the current status of your visa application.

This might include details like whether your application is under review, approved, in transit, or ready for collection.

Step 8: Check for email notifications

Keep an eye on your email inbox as well. TLScontact often sends email notifications at various stages of the application process, providing you with updates and insights on your visa journey.

Step 9: Reach out for support

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the tracking process, don’t hesitate to contact TLScontact’s customer support.

They’re there to assist you and ensure a smooth experience.

And there you have it – how you can track your visa application on TLScontact.

Remember these tips:

  • Check regularly, but don’t obsess: While tracking is exciting, remember that visa processing times vary. So, avoid checking every five minutes, checking regularly won’t fasten the processing of your visa.
  • Stay patient: Visa processing takes time. Anticipate that there might be a waiting period, especially during peak application seasons.
  • Double-check details: Ensure you’ve entered the correct tracking/reference number and your birth date. Accurate details lead to accurate tracking.
  • Be prepared for updates: Visa processing involves stages. So, don’t panic if your status changes – it’s a positive sign of progress.


With your tracking number in hand, you can track your visa application on TLScontact if you submitted your application through TLScontact.

If you ever feel like you need a guiding hand or have questions, TLScontact’s support team is your trusty sidekick.

You can contact the support team by clicking here.

You can reach out to them for assistance or clarification on any aspect of your application journey.

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