Fully Funded MBA Scholarships in Canada for International Students

If you wish to complete your MBA program in Canada as an international student, getting a fully funded MBA scholarship that is available to international students can make a difference for you.


These scholarship opportunities help reduce the financial demand associated with pursuing an MBA in a country like Canada


Moreover, a fully funded MBA scholarship offers more than just financial support, it can open doors to valuable networking opportunities for you.

You will connect with industry experts, and get mentorship opportunities that will prove helpful after your program.

Some MBA scholarships in Canada that are available to international students not only cover your tuition fees but also, living expenses, accommodation and even travel costs.

While fully funded MBA scholarships are rare, their potential positive impact on your career makes every effort to get them worth it.

It can boost your resume – employers often view scholarship recipients (especially MBA scholarship recipients) as people with exceptional abilities.

Won’t it be lovely to be in this league of individuals? This competitive edge can help you land internship opportunities, co-op placements, and even jobs after your program.

If you are interested in completing your MBA program in Canada, below are fully funded MBA scholarships in Canada that are open to international students.

Fully Funded MBA Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Many Canadian universities, colleges, and business schools offer full/partial scholarships, tuition waivers, or merit-based awards that can greatly assist you while pursuing your MBA in the country.

Smith School of Business MBA Awards (Queen’s University)

Smith Business School has several awards designed to recognize and support students who have performed excellently and are entering Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business MBA program.

Recipients are picked based on academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement.

As a prospective student, you are encouraged to check the award which you are eligible for before applying.

Each award has its specific requirements and you must meet these requirements before your application will be considered.

Find more about Smith Business School awards here.

Schulich School of Business International MBA Entrance Scholarships (York University)

York University’s Schulich School of Business has specialized scholarship opportunities for international students who are enrolling in their MBA program.

The purpose of the scholarship is to attract top-tier talent from around the world. They look for students with good academic records, professional experience and leadership potential.

If you are considering an MBA program at York, you can go through each of the scholarships, and review their eligibility criteria.

Check the official website by clicking here.

John Molson School of Business MBA Scholarships (Concordia University)

If you’re considering Concordia University for your MBA program, the university’s John Molson Business School has good news – they offer scholarships!

These scholarships are all about giving a pat on the back to MBA students who excel in their studies and show some leadership skills.

You might snag one of these scholarships based on your merit, especially if you’ve been rocking it in your academic and professional life.

So, when you’re applying, don’t forget to brag a little about your achievements and explain how you’re all about the values they love in the scholarship program.

You can head to the John Molson School of Business MBA Scholarships website for more.

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics MBA Scholarships (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis School of Business and Economics also has some scholarship opportunities up for grabs.

Just like others, their scholarships are all about celebrating MBA students who shine in their academics and a few other professional-related stuff.

So, if you’ve been acing your studies, showing off some good leadership skills in your profession or you have been all about making a positive mark in the business world, these scholarships might be calling your name.

Before you apply, take a good look at what they’re looking for and make sure your application tells the whole story of how you fit into their need.

Sobey School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships (Saint Mary’s University)

Saint Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business isn’t left out – they’ve got some entrance scholarships waiting for standout candidates like you.

This time around, the scholarships aren’t just about acing exams; they’re looking at your whole package – your academic performance, professional wins, and what magic you can bring to the MBA community.

In your application, they want you to show off what makes you awesome – you should share your unique strengths and experiences that set you apart.

Asper School of Business MBA Fellowship Program (University of Manitoba)

As an aspiring student of the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business, you’ll be excited to know about their MBA Fellowship Program.

It’s not just your regular scholarship – it’s like a financial “gift” for MBA students.

Their Fellowships come with all sorts of financial support, going beyond the usual. So, if you’re interested.

Check out what they offer on their official website, including chances for work or research opportunities.

Goodman School of Business MBA Awards (Brock University)

Brock University’s Goodman School of Business also has a bunch of awards and scholarships waiting for outstanding MBA students.

Like Asper School of Business fellowships, these awards look beyond your grades – they aren’t just about good grades; they look at your grades, leadership abilities, business potential, and your contribution to your community.

Before you jump on it, take a close look at what each award wants and make a strong case for yourself.

Let them know why you’re the perfect fit, and who knows, you might just bag yourself one of these opportunities!

Official website.

Schulich School of Business – Women in Leadership Excellence Scholarship (York University)

This specific scholarship at the Schulich School of Business targets women who have shown that they can be leaders and are pursuing their MBA program at the school.

The goal of this scholarship is to help and encourage women to take on important roles in business leadership.

When applying for this scholarship, you need to talk about your experiences leading, things you’ve achieved, and your goals for the future.

Laval University MBA Scholarships (Quebec City)

In the same bracket as others, Laval University in Quebec City provides scholarships for MBA students.

These scholarships consider how well you do in your studies and other notable things you’ve achieved.

They’re not just for people from the same country; international students can apply too.

If you’re interested, make sure you understand what they’re looking for and fill out an application that shows off all the great things you bring to the table.

Tips for getting a fully funded MBA scholarship in Canada as an international student

  • Start searching early

Start looking for MBA scholarships early. The sooner you start, the better your chances of finding the right one.

  • Make sure you choose the right program

Pick an MBA program that matches your career goals, the program should also have options for scholarships and then a track record of supporting international students.

  • Maintain a strong academic record

If you have noticed, most MBA scholarship opportunities consider your academic records, so, for you to stand a good chance, make sure you keep a strong academic record.

  • Build a good resume for yourself

Your resume is there to introduce you when you’re not there, make sure that it contains your academic achievements, and work experience (if you have any).

You should also include any leadership role you have played in the past and any community service you have done in the past.

  • Demonstrate financial need

If the scholarship is need-based, you have to show the selection committee that you need funds for your program.

  • Get a strong personal statement

You need a strong personal statement to add juice to your application.

  • You also need a recommendation letter

Get letters of recommendation from people who can speak to your academic and professional abilities.

If you can get from personalities in your field, it will be nice.

Another important tip you must always remember is to follow the application guidelines when you start applying.

Each scholarship comes with specific application guidelines, so strictly follow the guidelines.


You don’t get to hear about fully funded MBA scholarships in Canada for international students quite often, you can say they are not as rampant as other types of scholarship which is why they are very rewarding.

However, despite the relatively limited availability, you can still take advantage of the few available.

Before applying for these scholarships, consider the eligibility requirements and if you meet the demands, study the application guidelines and follow them to apply.

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